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Seafood From Norway - Website - Seafood From Norway JPG
Seafood From Norway - Website - Seafood From Norway JPG

Seafood From Norway - Seafood From Norway

Seafood From Norway - Seafood From Norway - Website


Title of Entry: Seafood From Norway
Brand: Seafood From Norway
Product/Service: Website
Client: Norwegian Seafood Council
Entrant Company: TRY Apt
Creative Agency: TRY Apt
Judging URL: https://fromnorway.com
Live site URL: https://fromnorway.com
Sector: FOOD
Account Manager: Annette Werner
Date of Release: 2019-05-15
Notes: Project Description:

TRY Apt was tasked with redesigning the international websites of the Norwegian Seafood Council and creating a digital strategy for the Seafood From Norway brand. The main purpose of the new strategy is to focus more clearly on quality by telling engaging stories about Norway as a seafood nation.
Central in the communication are two narrative approaches: our tough, untouched and pure nature, and the tough people who through generations, have learned to live in harmony with the ocean. The website was to be filled with content aimed at both consumers and B2B. In order to succeed, the customer wanted a common expression and content on the 17 different international pages that sort under the brand.

The Solution:

We created a new visual expression for Seafood From Norway adapted to digital surfaces, with the main focus on large images and film material. This added to the existing brand, Seafood From Norway, an updated visual design that was more in line with the brand concept.
To reflect simplicity, the design is deliberately stripped down so that the product comes into focus. The use of Colours reinforces the left behind impression of a cold, fresh and Norwegian climate.
One of the goals was to make the information more concise and visually exciting for the end users. The site contains many different types of content, from fact-based information pages to recipes and content stories about Norwegian seafood. Everything adapted to Seafood From Norway updated expression.
Developer: Creuna
Designer: Thomas Sannes
Production Company: Newslab
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