7: BRAND ENTERTAINMENT (Branded film/video (fiction))

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My variety father - E-Life Home Appliance Mall

My variety father - E-Life Home Appliance Mall - Television


Title of Entry: My variety father
Brand: E-Life Home Appliance Mall
Product/Service: Television
Client: E-Life Home Appliance Mall
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson Taipei
Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson Taipei
Chief Creative Officer: I-Fei Chang
Creative Director: Dory Liu
Art Director: Allison Tsai
Copywriter: Vik Liu
Account Executive: Jack Lee
Production Company: Spring Film Production
Producer: Max Leu
Date of Release: 2019-01-16
Director: Ging-Zim Lo
Notes: Mission:

During the Chinese New Year, Taiwanese people have a tradition of ringing out the old to welcome new things around the house.

E-Life Home Appliance Mall, a local home appliance mall in Taiwan, wants to encourage customers to purchase new home appliance products to replace their old ones. A key opportunity lay in elderlies who had older home appliance products. But the elderly in Taiwan are known for their frugality. They will only consider purchasing new products if the old ones have been deemed unfixable. It would be impossible to persuade them to spend on themselves.

How do we tackle this marketing challenge?


E-Life Mall wants to be a brand that explores family relationships. The film encourages the younger generation to cherish the family relationship. Because when younger generation feel the gratitude for their families, they will more likely to purchase home appliances for their family as an appreciation and love for their elders.

E-Life Mall created a film to respond to the social issue. The brand cleverly packaged its "values" as "products" and sell to the audience. Through a sentimental story between a single father and a daughter which describes their growing process between them. As the father and daughter are growing further apart, they are becoming less and less aware of each other. Until one day, the daughter ponders all the funny role-plays her father did to entertain her and realizes that the role he worked hardest to play well was to be a good father.

Results :
★During Lunar New Year, 4.6 million of Taiwanese people have been touched by this powerful viral film.

★65% Organic Reach.

★The film was reported by 23 news channels
from Taiwan and China.

★Many parents tagged their kids and shared the film, hoping they would return home earlier before the Lunar New Year. Even more children tagged their parents conveying their heartfelt thanks.

★This resulted a in 19% revenue growth for the E-Life Mall. But most importantly,
it allowed Taiwanese to appreciate their family
and embrace family relationships.

Additional Point:

There is about 23 million people living in Taiwan. Once the E-Life Home Appliance Mall online film released, over 4.6 million people viewed the film in 2 weeks. It caused a strong audience response and countless news reports.

Editing Company: Digital Vision
Editor: Jhih-Cong Huang
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director : Wu, Min-Lung
Other Credits: Group Account Director : Joe Chang
Other Credits: Associate Account Director : Titan Liang
Other Credits: General Manager : Ben Hsu
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