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In-between Water - Alcohol abuse awareness - Alko MP4 1m:36s

In-between Water - Alko
Alcohol abuse awareness

In-between Water - Alko - Alcohol abuse awareness


Title of Entry: In-between Water
Brand: Alko
Product/Service: Alcohol abuse awareness
Client: Alko
Entrant Company: TBWA\Helsinki
Creative Agency: TBWA\Helsinki
Duration of Entry: 01:36
Chief Creative Officer: Jyrki Poutanen
Creative Director: Ville Ohtonen
Art Director: Lasse Kangasmaa
Copywriter: Otto Kilpiö
Account Executive: Ella Komulainen
Account Manager: Rosa Kojonkoski
Production Company: TBWA\Screen
Producer: Tuukka Tikkanen
Date of Release: 2019-05-08
Director: Iiro Hokkanen
DOP: Mikko Kuoppasalmi
Notes: Alko is the government-run organisation with the task of preventing alcohol related health and social problems in Finland. Traditionally, they have created PSA style advertising to scare, shame and shock people. This time around, they tried something more creative.
Editor: Lisa Myllymäki
Other Credits: Juha-Matti Raunio
Other Credits: Carl-Erik Mosander
Other Credits: Atso Wilen
Other Credits: Pauliina Perkiö
Other Credits: Suvi Höytö
Other Credits: Anna Lahikainen
Other Credits: Fanny Haga
Other Credits: Lara Ala-Olla
Other Credits: Laura Karppanen
Other Credits: Anton Raappana
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