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Please Arrest Me - Non-Profit Organization - RIT Foundation JPG
Please Arrest Me - Non-Profit Organization - RIT Foundation JPG
Please Arrest Me - Non-Profit Organization - RIT Foundation JPG
Please Arrest Me - Non-Profit Organization - RIT Foundation MP4 2m:10s

Please Arrest Me - RIT Foundation
Non-Profit Organization

Please Arrest Me - RIT Foundation - Non-Profit Organization


Title of Entry: Please Arrest Me
Brand: RIT Foundation
Product/Service: Non-Profit Organization
Client: RIT Foundation
Entrant Company: Ogilvy Singapore
Creative Agency: Ogilvy Singapore
Judging URL: https://vimeo.com/433904464
Live site URL: www.maritalrapeisrape.com
Title 1: Case Study Film
Title 2: Facebook Longform Film
Title 2 URL (Optional): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=607501506324876
Title 3: Facebook Short Video 1
Title 3 URL (Optional): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2272816196164826
Title 4: Facebook Short Video 2
Title 4 URL (Optional): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=407802846523787
Title 5: Instagram Film 1
Title 5 URL (Optional): https://www.instagram.com/p/B5fGdIqgY-s/
Title 6: Instagram Film 2
Title 6 URL (Optional): https://www.instagram.com/p/B5jcFkBgy6J/
Date of Release: 2019-07-25
Chief Creative Officer: Nicolas Courant, Melvyn Lim
Notes: In India, 2 in 3 women are raped by their husbands and it is totally legal. The law has an exception where rape inside a marriage is not a crime. To change the law, RIT Foundation, an Indian NGO fighting for women’s rights, needed to raise awareness. So we found Sameer, an activist, and sent him to a real police station to turn himself in, pretending that he had actually raped his wife. Within minutes, he was freed. We captured the whole process — from him interviewing lawyers & victims, to him going into the police station with hidden cameras & being told that raping your wife is not a crime. The footage was turned into a documentary which was launched online to fierce reactions from both camps. Thousands of conservatives reported and took down our content 4 times. But censorship didn’t shut the debate. Indian feminist influencers, activists and even #MeToo advocate and actress Saloni Chopra pushed back by sharing our content & encouraging their followers to do the same. Thanks to RIT foundation, the case to change marital rape laws will be heard this year at the Delhi High Court.
Account Manager: Chris Riley
Creative Director: Guilherme Camargos
Digital Producer: Alvin Chin, Bijal Sunil Majithia
Production Company: Knights Media & Films
Art Director: Alessandro Agnellini, Kevin Wijaya, Vinicius Cunha
Copywriter: Aritra Dutta, Jonathan Ollivier, Winona Wee, Amanda Devarajan, Eugene Cheong
Other Credits: Director: Xavier Mairesse
Other Credits: Director of Photography: Sai Gunuranjan
Other Credits: Editor: Lorenzo Colugnati, Jaspreet Ranjan, Nicolas Koon Lim
Other Credits: Music Director: Sacha Chaban
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