18: CRAFT (Outstanding Direction (film/video))

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The Cemetery - Rainbow Six SIEGE
Video games

The Cemetery - Rainbow Six SIEGE - Video games


Title of Entry: The Cemetery
Brand: Rainbow Six SIEGE
Product/Service: Video games
Client: Ubisoft
Entrant Company: CLM BBDO
Creative Agency: CLM BBDO
Duration of Entry: 01:34
Craft Leader(s): Benjamin DESSAGNE / Stéphane SANTANA
Role: Creative Directors
Creative Director: Benjamin DESSAGNE (CLM BBDO) / Stéphane SANTANA (CLM BBDO)
Art Director: Clement PAYEN (CLM BBDO)
Copywriter: Linnéa KAVSJO (CLM BBDO) / Damien VEILLET (CLM BBDO)
Account Executive: Nicolas CARLOTTI (Proximity BBDO)
Account Manager: Audrey BRAHIC (Proximity BBDO) / Anaïs COURBEZ (CLM BBDO)
Production Company: HENRY
Producer: Jean Luc BERGERON (Henry)
Date of Release: 2019-08-19
Director: Henri HOBSON (Juice Films)
Notes: Ubisoft's new ad for Rainbow Six Siege is not your average game promo.
In this mesmerising film, the viewer sees a man recalling all of his previous deaths, and gets a glimpse of the action behind each.
Directed by Henry Hobson, this story plunges you deep into the psyche of a man - the player - before he starts his gameplay.
The film opens onto a quiet, emotional scene with (what we think) is a man mourning in a mysterious cemetery. But it doesn’t take long for us to get drawn into the man’s story, and discover that, in fact, he is the one who died… and not just once. His name figures on all the gravestones. The spot finishes with a poignant message: “Every life is a lesson”.
Leaving us with a sense of thrill and excitement for a game where giving up is not an option, and where determination and tactics are skills you have to master…or you’ll keep dying.
Sound Studio: KOUZ
Post Production Company: Mathematic
Other Credits: Julien SANSON (Production Director for CLM BBDO)
Other Credits: Lauren WEBER (Head of communication for CLM BBDO)
Other Credits: Nicolas ORSONI (Head of planning for Proximity BBDO)
Other Credits: Emmanuel DEZEAUX DE RANCOUGNE (Vice-President Proximity BBDO)
Other Credits: Yannick DUPAS (Production Director for Henry)
Other Credits: Matthias KOENIGSWIESER (Chief Operator for Juice Films)
Other Credits: Bruno PORRET (Sound Supervisor for Kouz)
Other Credits: Sylvain PIERRE (Sound Design for Kouz)
Other Credits: Marine SELLEM (Music Supervisor for Kouz)
Other Credits: Maxime HERVE (Additional Arrangement for SuperPitch)
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