5: SOCIAL (Innovative use of Social Media)

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#SnickersGate - Snickers

#SnickersGate - Snickers - Snacks


Title of Entry: #SnickersGate
Brand: Snickers
Product/Service: Snacks
Client: Mars Wrigley
Entrant Company: CLM BBDO
Creative Agency: CLM BBDO
Judging URL: https://twitter.com/SnickersFrance/status/1195395991878459393
Title 1: Snickers Gate - Tweet
Date of Release: 2019-11-20
Notes: For the past 10 years Snickers has signed each of its campaigns with “you’re not you when you’re hungry.” In France in November 2019, we took the tagline to the next level. We imagined the consequences of hunger on their own production teams in the real world. We deliberately replaced Snickers bars with Bounty bars, without touching the wrappers, before placing them into sales point. Then we waited for the consumer’s reaction. 24 hours later when everyone thought it had been a genuine error on our part, we revealed the hoax via a film posted on Twitter, in response to #SnickersGate.

Note for the jury: Allergens contained in Snickers and Bounty bars are the same. The brand did not expose its consumers to any risk.
Account Executive: Lisa PERROT
Account Manager: Judith ROMERO (Group Account Director) / Meigge SAUVAGET(Account Director)
Creative Director: Benjamin DESSAGNE / Stéphane SANTANA
Production Company: BIG PRODUCTION
Art Director: Théophile ROBAGLIA
Copywriter: Joseph ROZIER
Other Credits: Julien LEMOINE (Vice President)
Other Credits: Isabelle DARROMAN (Head of Production) / Pierre BOUDIN (Producer)
Other Credits: Fabio IAZZETTA (Head of Social) / Youcef BOUALEM (Social Media Consultant)
Other Credits: Marion WEILL-COLLANGE (Communication & Influence Manager) / Fanny SACHOT (Communication & influence Consultant)
Other Credits: Philippe BIENAIMÉ (Motion Designer) / Laurianne FREGUIN (Post Production)
Other Credits: SCHMOOZE (Music & Sound Production)
Other Credits: Christophe DEROO (Chief Operating Officer for Big Production)
Other Credits: Nazha DHAMANI (Production Director for Big Production) / Marc FUENTES (Production Director for Big Production)
Other Credits: Nizar EL TAYEB (Producer for Big Production)
Other Credits: BACK-UP (Color Grading)
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