18: CRAFT (Outstanding Direction (film/video))

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Give Amazing: The Gift of Art - December to Remember - Lexus MP4 5m:45s

Give Amazing: The Gift of Art - Lexus
December to Remember

Give Amazing: The Gift of Art - Lexus - December to Remember


Title of Entry: Give Amazing: The Gift of Art
Brand: Lexus
Product/Service: December to Remember
Client: Lexus
Entrant Company: Wayfarer Entertainment
Creative Agency: Wayfarer Entertainment
Duration of Entry: 05:45
Craft Leader(s): Farhoud Meybodi
Role: Director
Creative Director: Farhoud Meybodi
Account Executive: Elena Robinson
Production Company: Wayfarer Entertainment
Producer: Sean Hobbs
Date of Release: 2019-12-03
Director: Farhoud Meybodi
DOP: Scott Simock
We’ve all seen our fair share of holiday car commercials. Someone is surprised with a set of car keys. We see the product waiting outside with a perfect bow on top. And everything is wrapped up in 60 seconds or less. Here’s the problem: Millennials and Gen Z can spot canned marketing tactics from a mile away. These generations no longer ask, “What do I get?”, but rather, “What can I experience and with whom?” when considering purchasing decisions. 

With the Give Amazing campaign, we set out to create something truly different. The challenge became not how to sell a car through logos and forced product placement, but how to sell a lifestyle and state of mind fueled by selfless acts of giving. There would be no car in the spot. And the spots would feel more like short films. Each of them featuring a compelling cast of characters who have overcome hardships: whether Caleigh (who has Cystic Fibrosis and two double lung transplants) surprised through the gift of art from Dave, or Monique and Zee, two women of color connected forever with poetic voices of their family tree.

Lexus had never released a campaign that didn’t directly highlight their product. Yet, when we shared our goal of empowering historically otherized voices through sincere acts of giving, Lexus stepped up too. The spots ranged from five to seven minutes in run time, which was a major departure from the standard 30,60,90 approach. We also put together a social impact strategy (outside the immediate inspiration of the spots) in which Lexus would donate $100,000 to the Boys and Girls Club in the hopes of helping the youth of the future use the arts to make a difference in the world.

Through the “Give Amazing” campaign, we aimed to connect sincerely with viewers by showing what kindness and selfless giving can do for everyday people around the holidays. By focusing on entertainment, inspiration, and real social impact over product placement, we believed the content would connect directly with new generations and those yet to come. To date, the content has been seen over 2 million times on Facebook and YouTube, and resulted in over 100,000 dollars raised for the Boys and Girls Club.
Editor: Josh Snyder
URL Link (optional): https://vimeo.com/388881931/2d615c83b3
Other Credits: Executive Producers: Justin Baldoni, Ahmed Musiol, Farhoud Meybodi, Elena Robinson
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