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Eat Your Tweet - Liebig

Eat Your Tweet - Liebig - Food


Title of Entry: Eat Your Tweet
Brand: Liebig
Product/Service: Food
Client: Continental Foods France
Entrant Company: CLM BBDO
Creative Agency: CLM BBDO
Judging URL: https://twitter.com/FranceLiebig
Sector: FOOD
Account Executive: Meigge SAUVAGET / Ani RADONOVA
Account Manager: Antoine VICTOR
Creative Director: Benjamin DESSAGNE / Stéphane SANTANA
Date of Release: 2019-12-04
Notes: In September 2019, French TV aired a prime time report on industrial soups. Hidden sugars, additives, artificial flavours – 6M French people discovered the reality of what they eat.
The report concerned all brands but Liebig, France’s leading brand of soups, had the most reason to worry about the backlash. French people were promising a boycott - a potential disaster because, that October, Liebig was launching a new line of 100% natural soups, and that would be difficult to sell with this negative buzz.
But Liebig turned negative buzz into a positive with "Eat your Tweet".
We reached out to our Twitter haters and asked them to give the new soup a shot. We mailed them an exclusive offer – a soup from the new 100% natural line with their tweet printed out and a special accompaniment – the letters of their tweet printed in alphabet pasta.
Our detractors agreed to “Eat their Tweet” and try the new Liebig soup: no hidden sugars, no additives and no artificial flavors.
“Eat your Tweet” generated more than 20 M impressions and was widely praised by French media. Most importantly, the operation helped Liebig swiftly turn its image around and avoid a crisis.
Art Director: Francis PLUNTZ / Ronan COURSIN
Copywriter: Damien VEILLET
Other Credits: Corentin MONOT (Head of planning)
Other Credits: Isabelle DARROMAN (Head of Production)
Other Credits: Pierre BOUDIN (Producer)
Other Credits: Laurianne FREGUIN (Post-producer)
Other Credits: Fabio IAZZETTA (Head of Social)
Other Credits: Youcef BOUALEM (Social Media Consultant)
Other Credits: Marion WEILL-COLLANGE (Communication & Influence Manager)
Other Credits: Fanny SACHOT (Communication & Influence Consultant)
Other Credits: Bastien BEURIOT (Strategist) / Margaux GRENOUILLOUX (Strategist)
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