18: CRAFT (Outstanding Direction (film/video))

Crocodile inside - Lacoste - Lacoste JPG
Crocodile inside - Lacoste - Lacoste MOV 1m:37s

Crocodile inside - Lacoste

Crocodile inside - Lacoste - Lacoste


Title of Entry: Crocodile inside
Brand: Lacoste
Product/Service: Lacoste
Client: Lacoste
Entrant Company: BETC
Creative Agency: BETC
Duration of Entry: 01:37
Craft Leader(s): Rémi Babinet
Chief Creative Officer: Rémi Babinet
Creative Director: Aurélie Scalabre, Olivier Aumard, Damien Bellon
Art Director: Aurélie Scalabre
Copywriter: Olivier Aumard
Sector: 38259
Account Manager: Bertille Toledano, Gaëlle Gicqueau, Fanny Buisseret
Production Company: GENERAL POP
Producer: Fabrice Brovelli, Karim Naceur, Slim Trabelsi
Date of Release: 2019-05-19
Director: Charlotte Marmion / MEGAFORCE
Sound Studio: Iconoclast Publishing
Post Production Company: TIME BASED ARTS
Other Credits: Strategic planning: Philippe Martin-Davies
Other Credits: Music creation director: Christophe Caurret
Other Credits: Assistant AD: Jessica Fecteau
Other Credits: External production: ICONOCLAST / Charlotte Marmion
Other Credits: VFX super: Josh Robinson
Other Credits: VFX CD: Francois Roisin
Other Credits: Lead flame: Thiago Dantas
Other Credits: Grade: Lewis Crossfield