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Settlements (Favelas) - Techo Latam Collect - Techo Latam MP4 3m:06s

Settlements (Favelas) - Techo Latam
Techo Latam Collect

Settlements (Favelas) - Techo Latam - Techo Latam Collect


Title of Entry: Settlements (Favelas)
Brand: Techo Latam
Product/Service: Techo Latam Collect
Client: Techo Latam
Entrant Company: Inbrax
Creative Agency: Inbrax
Duration of Entry: 03:00
Judging URL: https://vimeo.com/383336599
Chief Creative Officer: Pancho González
Creative Director: Nico Rubio, Cristián Chávez
Art Director: Jorge Fajardo
Copywriter: Santiago Zlatar, Álvaro González
Account Executive: Marcelo Concha
Sector: N/A
Account Manager: Marcelo Concha
Production Company: Prójimo, Los Notarios, Fandango, La Motoneta, Deiro Films
Date of Release: 2019-05-03
Notes: Techo Latam is a non-profit organization with the purpose of overcoming poverty in Latin America and thus ending the settlements. To achieve the goal of raising $50K in donations to eradicate them, the creative strategy was to “launch the film” Settlements (Favelas) done by trailers of Latin American film directors, showing the reality of their settlements. To have a ticket, you had to enter the site settlements.techo.org and at the time of checkout, the film did not exist and the seat was a contribution to Techo Latam, raising more than $100 K in just a month.
URL Link (optional): https://vimeo.com/383336599
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