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Distracted Goalkeeper - Uber
Yellow May

Distracted Goalkeeper - Uber - Yellow May

Grand Prix

Title of Entry: Distracted Goalkeeper
Brand: Uber
Product/Service: Yellow May
Client: Uber
Entrant Company: Tech and soul
Creative Agency: Tech and Soul
Duration of Entry: 02:04
Chief Creative Officer: Flavio Waiteman
Creative Director: Fernanda Machado
Art Director: Guga Dias da Costa, Renan Bulgari
Copywriter: Daniel Magri
Account Executive: Claudio Kalim, Fernando Amino
Production Company: Tech and Soul
Date of Release: 2019-06-28
Notes: Through an official match in the Brazilian Football Championship, one of the world’s most important and competitive championships, we called Brazilians attention to the major problem of text and driving. And we accomplished that for a client who actually needs both mobile use and traffic to fulfill its mission: Uber. Due to the great influence football exerts in the life of Brazilians, the campaign registered huge reaches in both sports and general journalistic medias and social networks. During a major Brazilian championship match, a goalkeeper checking a mobile was spotted by football fans and the player’s irresponsible action stormed social medias and press, generating the biggest weekend talk. When the goalkeeper finally linked his attitude with text and driving, the whole country was paying attention. Brazilian traffic ranks as the 4th more violent in the world – 54.000 annual casualties. Text and driving, the 2nd major casualty cause, stands even before intoxicated driving. However, 51% of drivers still admit to text and driving. Uber aims to promote a safer more humane traffic in the cities it operates. To convey that, we found a unique way to calling attention for that, making Brazilians experience the risks of this bad habit through their biggest passion: football. Our strategy was to stir the nerves of football fans against the goalkeeper checking his mobile during the match. Just to quickly reveal that his attitude was in fact orchestrated as a protest to showcase that the mobile use in inadequate situations was a risky practice. By checking his mobile, the player could let his team down, while people loose their lives by text and driving. The match happened Sunday, May 13th, 2018, at 4 pm, Mothers Day, when families reunite and sacredly watch Sunday football matches. At the game’s very first moments, goalkeeper Santos checks his mobile immediately being captured by fans. Who promptly share stills and videos on their Facebook timelines. At the very beginning of the second half, sports journalists and some columnists were already commenting the fact. Outraged against the player’s attitude different interview channels chased him by the end of the match demanding explanations. At this Sunday evening first hours basically all open and cable TV channels were commenting the case while at the same time Brazilian and worldwide social medias also echoed the fact. The explanation came to be on the next day in a press conference at Atlético Paranaense club where the Uber and Maio Amarelo action was revealed. A new wave of information stormed regular press and social -The first club fan who posted the goalkeeper video gained 50 thousand new friends on Facebook in only 1 hour. A million new friends in 2 days. - 6 minutes exposure in the Brazilian most important open TV Sunday Show, Fantástico (30 million watchers per show). - 149 minutes in open and cable TV in less than 24 hours. - 3.1 million search results after the match. - 4,7 million in earned media in just 3 days -Newspapers in EUA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Japão, Colombia e mais 30 países - The community starts talking about text and drive. A total of 17.5 thousand USD was invested to assemble in this action. Was invested in a war room at Atlético Paranaense Arena as well as in social media programs and a data monitoring team to adjust the action as needed. Through fans’ profiles we were able to extrapolate the subject to rival fandoms, football groups and press, increasing the potential and speed of the action which was set in a 3 days timeframe. Throughout the rest of the month of May, Atlético Paranaense team entered the soccer fields with a banner encouraging people to stop checking their mobiles.
Sound Studio: Canja Sound, Blood Audio
Sound Engineer: Lucas Sfair, Otávio de Moraes