Ad for Men - L'Oréal Paris - L'Oréal Paris JPG
Ad for Men - L'Oréal Paris - L'Oréal Paris JPG
Ad for Men - L'Oréal Paris - L'Oréal Paris JPG
Ad for Men - L'Oréal Paris - L'Oréal Paris JPG

Ad for Men - L'Oréal Paris
L'Oréal Paris

Ad for Men - L'Oréal Paris - L'Oréal Paris


Title of Entry: Ad for Men
Brand: L'Oréal Paris
Product/Service: L'Oréal Paris
Client: L'Oréal Paris
Entrant Company: McCANN Worldgroup Germany
Creative Agency: McCANN
Creative Director: Executive Creative Director: Serdar Kantekin
Title of Piece: Lipsticks
Title of Piece: Mascara
Title of Piece: Nail Polish
Title of Piece: Caseboard
Art Director: Saskia Mueller
Chief Creative Officer: Sebastian Hardieck
Account Executive: Sabine Buelow
Account Manager: Katrin Weber
Date of Release: 2019-03-08
Notes: Background: L’Oréal Paris stands for female empowerment. The company’s gender diversity is frequently recognized and rewarded with international awards. Right now L'Oréal Paris has even more women than men in their managing board and executive positions. Brief: L’Oréal Paris wants to make a tensionable impact on gender equality, being aware of the responsibility a brand has that stands for female empowerment. Perceived as the most important issues facing women and girls in Germany are equal pay and equal career opportunities. Idea: L’Oréal Paris started a research project to find evidence of women being equal to men when it comes to leadership skills. What they uncovered: women are even better. With this clear facts and figures simplified infographics addressed Germany's decision makers in manager magazines and economic online news. Talking to them about the only data relevant to companies, dry numbers that drive the success of businesses and making hiring women for leadership positions more attractive to them. Strategy: Instead of advertising its female empowerment commitment L’Oréal Paris took action and transformed its mission into a business advice for German decision makers in companies. Proving L’Oréal Paris pledge and mission to empower all women. Execution: The empowerment campaign for female leaders run on International Women’s Day in business magazines and economic online news. Talking to men, the current decision makers of listed companies, it showed the benefits of a more diverse leadership: more profitability, more innovations and higher employee satisfaction. Results: The campaign achieved with a small budget over 5 million gross reach, got picked up around the globe by business forums and news and multiplied the paid digital reach of 150,000 by 1003% through social reactions. Our digital ads achieved a 20% higher viewability than average in Germany. Many equality networks and communities shared and supported the message on their channels, causing a spill-over effect of their positive image to L’Oréal. But more importantly, the campaign reached 1.8 million business leaders directly and fuelled discussions on career networks with massive reactions from global HR directors, business consultants, board members and employees. Bringing companies one step closer to hire more women in leadership roles.
Photographer: Thomas Steuer
Other Credits: Senior Copywriter: Schakir Islamow
Other Credits: Team Lead Digital: Berkant Yerli
Other Credits: Senior Art Director: Vera Partl
Other Credits: Strategic Planner: Deborah Schaper
Other Credits: Team Lead Studio: Anja Schilling
Other Credits: Director of PR & Communications: Jerome Cholet
Other Credits: Head of Brand Strategy: Christian Bihn
Other Credits: Head of Print Production: Oliver Hugo
Other Credits: Final Art Worker: Jonas Boamah
Other Credits: Retoucher: Martin Komora, Max Hornaek