14: CRAFT (10 Outstanding Cinematography)

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What happened ? - HECATE - HECATE MP4 3m:16s

What happened ? - HECATE

What happened ? - HECATE - HECATE


Title of Entry: What happened ?
Product/Service: HECATE
Client: HECATE Inc.
Entrant Company: Soda! Communications Inc.
Creative Agency: CHERRY Inc.
Duration of Entry: 03:16
Craft Leader(s): Kensuke Harada
Creative Director: Kensuke Harada
Art Director: Fusanari Masuda
Copywriter: Kensuke Harada
Account Executive: Hideo Fukuyama/Toru Murayama/Koji Endo
Production Company: CONNECTION INC. Headlight div. /Soda! Communications Inc.
Date of Release: 2018-11-01
Producer: Takashi Aso/Yoshinori Maruyama
Director: Yukihiro Shoda
Notes: The movie “What happened” ver. is able to give us visual experience of the concept and the world of HECATE which is the invigorative non-alcohol party drink.
The chaos happening has occurred at the apartment where a certain family live. What was the reason for it? The marvelous movie played backwards is suddenly switched to the question scene of the buzzer quiz show and the all panelists are old people. This movie itself is the exactly chaos situation. Please enjoy it with the mood of participating the buzzer quiz show, now “How did it happen?”.
DOP: Luca Costantini
Editor: Sakura Seya/Takahiro Tsuji
VFX Company: AnimationCafe
Music Company: Black Cat White Cat Music
Post Production Company: Digital egg inc.
Casting: Tomokazu Yamauchi
Other Credits: PR Director : Shotaro Nieda
Other Credits: Designer : Yuto Tamura
Other Credits: Strategic Planner: Hiroki Kato
Other Credits: Production Manager: Toshiya Yamagishi
Other Credits: Lighting Director: Tetsu Moritera
Other Credits: Art designer: Etsuko Akiba
Other Credits: Mixer/Sound design:Erito Ayaki
Other Credits: Music Producer: Seiya Matsumiya
Other Credits: CG Producer : Taiyo Sato
Other Credits: Colorist: Orash Rahnema