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PAID - 4th of March - PAID

PAID - 4th of March - PAID - INSURANCE


Title of Entry: PAID - 4th of March
Brand: PAID
Product/Service: INSURANCE
Entrant Company: Mullen Lowe S.A.
Creative Agency: Mullen Lowe S.A.
Creative Director: Marius Tianu
Art Director: Delia Maria Mija
Copywriter: Ana-Maria Ciobotaru
Account Executive: Mihaela Vasilescu
Account Manager: Madalina Marica
Date of Release: 2019-03-04
Illustrator: Alin Sirbu
Notes: In Bucharest city, where dozens of buildings might fall at the next major earthquake, an OOH that was meant to create awareness on this sensitive subject was placed by PAID - the National Pool of Insurers Against Disasters. Inconvenienced with this message, the Mayor took down the OOH immediately after its placement, stating that it was “not in line with the progressive image she was trying to infuse to the city”. A gesture that would normally halt the campaign, only brought more attention to the issue and media immediately picked up the subject. During the next few days, major newspapers, news sites and influencers made this topic the most viral and talked about in the month of March. The number one daily newspaper, Libertatea, featured on its cover page: Bucharest Mayor Forbids the Earthquake!
Other Credits: Adrian Radu