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Audi Supports Women Drivers - Audi
Master Class for Women Drivers

Audi Supports Women Drivers - Audi - Master Class for Women Drivers


Title of Entry: Audi Supports Women Drivers
Brand: Audi
Product/Service: Master Class for Women Drivers
Client: Audi Bulgaria
Entrant Company: NRG Brands
Creative Agency: NRG Brands
Creative Director: Nadezhda Trifonova
Art Director: Petia Angelova
Designer: Yoana Ivanova
Copywriter: Nadezhda Trifonova
Account Manager: Alexandra Zaharieva
Date of Release: 2019-02-05
Notes: In Bulgaria there is a patronizing attitude towards female drivers. They are perceived as insecure and inadequate participants on the road. In Bulgaria female drivers are often a subject to bullying and insulting attitude from the male drivers. This suppresses women and reduces the confidence in their own driving skills. Task: Audi does not accept this discriminatory attitude, and the purpose of the brand is to clearly state its support for female drivers by focusing the attention of the society on this issue. Execution: Audi allowed the transformation of its own logo in order to emphasize its empathy and support for the female drivers in Bulgaria. The poster is part of an Audi campaign, including posters, radio and Master Classes. The result: Popularity, approval and even more admirers of the brand among female drivers.