14: CRAFT (18 Music (original & licensed))

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ME WE - IKEA - Retail


Title of Entry: ME WE
Brand: IKEA
Product/Service: Retail
Client: IKEA
Entrant Company: ACNE
Creative Agency: ACNE / IKEA Creative Hub
Craft Leader(s): Johan Bello
Chief Creative Officer: Johan Bello
Creative Director: Morten Kjaer, IKEA Creative Hub
Art Director: Tiago Pinho, Isaac Bonnier
Copywriter: Joel Lindblad
Account Executive: Lovisa Friman Bendz
Production Company: ACNE
Date of Release: 2018-07-31
Director: Tompa & Rondo
Notes: The project’s purpose was to mark the launch of the 2019 IKEA Catalogue. This time the brand turns to music to demonstrate a drama of everyday life – the battle between me-time and we-time. Doing so, the brand borrows a few tricks from the drama that stands above the rest, the tried and tested opera. By basing their film on Giuseppe Verdi’s famous canzone “La donna è mobile” from his opera Rigoletto and re-writing it to fit a rather more modern life scenario, the film adds both humor and charm to an otherwise tricky – and often dull – subject. The score of the film is central to the idea and with that the choice of singers. Instead of going with the somewhat humorous approach of choosing everyday people to perform the piece, we choose to take it as close to a proper opera as possible. We worked with opera singers, old and young, with different vocal classifications to really put together a drama worth its name. IKEA, as many know, are the ambassadors of everyday life and with his film they prove that they will not only help you make things look good – but will gladly help you with solutions fit for everyday drama as well.