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The Linie Proof - Linie Aquavit
Alcoholic drinks

The Linie Proof - Linie Aquavit - Alcoholic drinks


Title of Entry: The Linie Proof
Brand: Linie Aquavit
Product/Service: Alcoholic drinks
Client: Aquavit
Entrant Company: Nørgård Mikkelsen
Creative Agency: Nørgård Mikkelsen
Judging URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhB9KWvWBag
Date of Release: 2018-11-15
Notes: LINIE Aquavit was faced with the challenge that people no longer believed it, when they claimed that the LINIE Aquavit was in fact still shipped around the world before being bottled and sold. So, we decided to stop telling people the story – and start showing them instead. We created The LINIE Proof which streamed the entire journey around the world 24/7 with interesting stories and fascinating phenomena highlighted along the way. Now, a simple livestream might sound easy-and-seen-before, but we promise, it was nothing of the sort. We had to go through numerous permission the record across the globe, the hardware had to be specifically designed to the environment aboard a massive ship – fire safety included – and the signal itself had to go through eight separate links to reach the viewers! These were just some of the challenges we faced, but in the end, we succeeded. The efforts all led the traffic to linie.com to increase by 566%. The audience watched a total of +250,000 hours of livestream with an average of almost 6 whole minutes per visitor. The story got picked up by international media, and perhaps more importantly: The audience themselves started defending the truth of the journey amongst each other on Facebook. We got, what we came for. We got our LINIE proof.