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It's all about the confidence - Lynx New Zealand & Lynx Australia - Lynx JPG
It's all about the confidence - Lynx New Zealand & Lynx Australia - Lynx JPG
It's all about the confidence - Lynx New Zealand & Lynx Australia - Lynx MP4 3m:02s
It's all about the confidence - Lynx New Zealand & Lynx Australia - Lynx MP4 1m:00s

It's all about the confidence - Lynx
Lynx New Zealand & Lynx Australia

It's all about the confidence - Lynx - Lynx New Zealand & Lynx Australia


Title of Entry: It's all about the confidence
Brand: Lynx
Product/Service: Lynx New Zealand & Lynx Australia
Client: Unilever Australia
Entrant Company: Emotive
Creative Agency: Emotive
Duration of Entry: 03:02
Creative Director: Zane Pearson
Copywriter: Zane Pearson &Nathan Burley
Production Company: Emotive
Date of Release: 2018-07-23
Producer: Alistair Pratten
Director: Zane Pearson

How do you make a brand sequel resonate even better than the celebrated original? That’s exactly the question Unilever asked Emotive in mid-2018. Earlier in the year, the brand found unprecedented success by using a content marketing approach to tell story of a 15 year old Kiwi, Humphrey, who found confidence in the unlikeliest of places: Lynx Australia. And, as a result, they created an entirely new product, Lynx New Zealand, which we were tasked to bring to market in a big way all whilst maintaining the momentum of Lynx Australia in Australia.

Our objectives were lofty, and we needed to connect with Gen Z males across ANZ. Doing so meant confronting a real problem. Gen Z’s social media addiction - and its inevitable comparisons, bullying and FOMO - has led to an epidemic of self-doubt for teenage males across the developed world. We knew something had to be done. Our core insight was that nothing inspires confidence quite like a great rivalry – and there are few better rivalries than Australia and New Zealand. Lynx New Zealand gives you the confidence to take on any challenge. To bring the idea to life, we used Emotive’s proprietary Social to Scale content marketing process. The process consisted of two distinct phases.

Phase 1: Long-Form Content for Social Our audience made up the largest volume of YouTube viewers in Australia and New Zealand. They were also heavy users of Facebook and Instagram. Complementing existing behaviours on these platforms and using them to instil confidence, not doubt, was essential.

Accordingly, for phase 1, we developed a 3-minute social video. The video was a continuation of the story set up in the first Lynx Australia ad. This time Humphrey meets a new rival, Dave, from across the pond that challenges his new-found confidence and his fledgling relationship with Rachel Peckham. With a little help from Rachel, Humphrey discovers Lynx New Zealand and decides to take the rivalry with Dave to the handball court, where he finds his confidence. The social video quickly struck a cultural chord, it generated millions of views with over 25% organic reach. Instead of kicking back and congratulating ourselves, we used this viral moment to lean forward and learn.

Phase 2: Optimized Content for Scale Then we iterated for scale. In-market learnings on our 3 minute 3 second social video guided the development of finely tuned :30 and :15 content for OLV, cinema and TV. The scenes that provided the strongest emotive resonance with our audience, were kept. The rest was left behind as we cut-down the long-form video into standardized ad formats and distributed them across New Zealand and Australia. Teenagers across Australia and New Zealand not only engaged with the content, but also changed their behaviour at shelf, helping make Lynx New Zealand sequel even more successful than the Lynx Australia original. Extraordinarily, Lynx New Zealand crossed the Tasman Sea and secured distribution in Woolworths across Australia just six weeks into the campaign. The decision to list Lynx NZ was made solely on the media groundswell from the campaign and the incredible sales success of the product in New Zealand. But that was just the icing on the cake. All the lofty business and brand objectives were surpassed. And Lynx New Zealand went from a campaign inspired idea to a go-to confidence inspiring product for teenagers across ANZ.

DOP: James Brown
Editing Company: Emotive
Editor: Uthayan Selvaraj
Other Credits: Unilever: Markus Rehde, Kristy Rutherford and Kate Westgate
Other Credits: Emotive CEO/Strategy Lead: Simon Joyce
Other Credits: Emotive Business Director: Marshall Campbell
Other Credits: Emotive Social Amplification/Talent: Jamie Crick
Other Credits: Media Agency: PHD
Other Credits: PR Agency: Liquid Ideas & Spark PR NZ