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The 85-Year-Old Regret - Gum - 5 Gum MP4 2m:23s

The 85-Year-Old Regret - 5 Gum

The 85-Year-Old Regret - 5 Gum - Gum
Title of Entry: The 85-Year-Old Regret
Brand: 5 Gum
Product/Service: Gum
Client: Mars, Inc
Entrant Company: Energy BBDO
Creative Agency: Energy BBDO
Duration of Entry: 02:23
Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Ordóñez (Energy BBDO)
Creative Director: Josh Gross (Energy BBDO), Pedro Pérez (Energy BBDO), Fernando Passos (Energy BBDO), Dan McCormack (Energy BBDO)
Art Director: Chris Cavalieri (Energy BBDO), Tyler Bartley (Energy BBDO)
Copywriter: Alejandro Peré (Energy BBDO), Tori Probert (Energy BBDO)
Account Executive: Kristen Miller (Energy BBDO)
Production Company: Flare (Chicago)
Date of Release: 2018-04-13
Producer: Shobin Mathew (Energy BBDO), Jenny McDonald (Flare)
Director: Ross Bolidai (Flare Studio)
Notes: 5 gum uses famous influencers to connect with young people and inspire them to try new things. But every year almost 75% of them don’t feel inspired enough to take action. So we turned to a different type of influencer: a senior citizen with no social following. We chose Martin not because of what he did, but because of what he didn’t do.
Editing Company: Flare Studio (London)
Editor: Casey Cobler (Flare), Austin Andries (Flare), Sean Berringer (Flare), Fred Keller (Flare)
Sound Engineer: Katy Mindeman (Flare)
Other Credits: Lead Designer: Hung Vinh (Energy BBDO)
Other Credits: Designers: Jaehyuk Choi (Energy BBDO), Erin Knott (Energy BBDO)
Other Credits: Head of Integrated Production: John Pratt (Energy BBDO)
Other Credits: Executive Director of Content & Delivery: Brian Cooper (Energy BBDO)
Other Credits: Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers (Energy BBDO)
Other Credits: Associate Music Producer: Nick Maker (Energy BBDO)
Other Credits: Managing Director: Jeff Adkins (Energy BBDO)
Other Credits: Client Service Director: Lianne Sinclair (Energy BBDO)
Other Credits: Additional companies: Media Agencies: Mediacom, Starcom; Digital Agency: Fanscape; PR Company: Olson Engage