14: CRAFT (20 Craft Campaign (any media))

3pm Brainstorms - Snickers - Snickers JPG
3pm Brainstorms - Snickers - Snickers MP3
3pm Brainstorms - Snickers - Snickers MP3
3pm Brainstorms - Snickers - Snickers MP3

3pm Brainstorms - Snickers

3pm Brainstorms - Snickers - Snickers


Title of Entry: 3pm Brainstorms
Brand: Snickers
Product/Service: Snickers
Client: Mars Chocolate North America
Entrant Company: BBDO New York
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Duration of Entry: 01:00
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars (Chief Creative Officer Worldwide), Greg Hahn (Chief Creative Officer New York)
Title of Piece: Airport Bathrooms
Title of Piece: Credit Card Chip Reader
Title of Piece: Microwave Buttons
Creative Director: Peter Kain / Gianfranco Arena (Executive Creative Directors), Scott Mahoney/ Dan Oliva
Account Executive: Kirsten Flanik/ Susannah Keller/ Lisa Piliguian/ Tani Corbacho/ Blake Maraoui/ Danee Fields (account Team)
Production Company: iHeartMedia
Date of Release: 2018-04-24
Producer: David Rolfe (Director of Integrated Production)/ Chris Cassar (Senior Producer)
Notes: Craft: Copywriting “3 PM Brainstorms” is a radio campaign created to reinforce Snickers core message that being hungry has consequences, while establishing the fact that 3 PM is the time of the day when people are hungriest. The spots are fictional office brainstorms from the past, that all took place at 3 PM. In each spot, the characters end up talking themselves into a different, historically bad idea, that ends up changing the way our modern world operates on a daily basis.
Sound Engineer: Ricky Roo
Other Credits: Amy Orgel (Senior Project Manager)
Other Credits: Alex Marsh (Head of Partnerships)
Other Credits: Tyler Harris (Partnerships Director)