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Stop Traffick - Street Grace
Fighting DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking)

Stop Traffick - Street Grace - Fighting DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking)


Title of Entry: Stop Traffick
Brand: Street Grace
Product/Service: Fighting DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking)
Client: Street Grace
Entrant Company: BBDO Atlanta
Creative Agency: BBDO Atlanta
Duration of Entry: 02:00
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars, BBDO Worldwide, and Robin Fitzgerald, BBDO Atlanta
Art Director: Lauren Culbertson, Senior Art Director, and Sara Lowe, Art Director, Designer, BBDO Atlanta
Copywriter: Emily Miller, Senior Copywriter, BBDO Atlanta
Account Executive: Shannon Collins, BBDO Atlanta
Account Manager: Tami Oliva, Senior Director, and Lauren Herstik, Account Supervisor, BBDO Atlanta
Production Company: Bark Bark, Atlanta
Date of Release: 2019-01-02
Notes: Street Grace is an organization dedicated solely to fighting and stopping child sex trafficking in Georgia and beyond. Our project set out to do the same, by bringing awareness to this rarely talked about subject, letting Georgians know the full extent of the problem and inspiring them to take action in their own communities to help fight child sex trafficking. It’s a shocking, little known truth that up to 3,600 kids are sold for sex each year in Georgia alone with the majority of them centered around Atlanta and its airport. And, with the Super Bowl coming to Atlanta in February 2019, sex trafficking was set to spike in Atlanta, making this axis of sex trafficking even more dangerous for kids. Raising public awareness was imperative. So, to bring the problem to life in a big way that would receive maximum coverage, we pulled a very big stunt: 72 school buses driving in a caravan right through midtown Atlanta, each representing 50 of the 3,600 Georgia kids at risk of being sex trafficked. It’s easy to throw statistics and numbers around, and most social good organizations have plenty of them, making us all a bit numb to simple numbers. But this project brought Georgia’s huge problem of child sex trafficking to life in a way that was easy to understand: by using school buses, which are generally associated with innocence and safety, to represent the lives of children in danger. Local politicians and news organizations were recruited to participate to bring even more notoriety to our event, with Georgia Governor-Elect Brian Kemp and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr taking part in the caravan launch. Within 48 hours, the stunt was covered in over 500 news stories, had 160M media impressions, 10.8K social media mentions, and 42M social media impressions. The morning of the stunt, #StopTraffick became a trending topic on Twitter and overall Stop Traffick media mentions went up 4,500%. After the stunt and throughout Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Street Grace Facebook engagement went up 594%, page views went up 735%, and video views went up 175,033%. And right before the Super Bowl, 169 people were arrested for sex trafficking in Atlanta.
Sound Studio: Shepard Creative LLC, dba Jamie Shepard Music
Post Production Company: Hero Post, Atlanta, GA
Other Credits: Marc Calamia, Head of Production, BBDO Atlanta
Other Credits: Reid Howard, Stacey Coker, Integrated Producers, BBDO Atlanta
Other Credits: Brandon Jones, Senior Developer, BBDO Atlanta
Other Credits: John Fain, Content Creator, BBDO Atlanta
Other Credits: Rena Feldman, Social Producer, BBDO Atlanta
Other Credits: Becky Ocampos, Senior Project Manager, BBDO Atlanta
Other Credits: Meredith Thornhill, Integrated Business Manager, BBDO Atlanta
Other Credits: Porter Novelli, Public Relations, Atlanta, GA
Other Credits: The Color Spot, Print Production, Atlanta, GA
Other Credits: Outdoor Media Group, Media, Atlanta, GA