14: CRAFT (10 Outstanding Cinematography)

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Point of View - Sandy Hook Promise - Sandy Hook Promise MOV 1m:50s

Point of View - Sandy Hook Promise
Sandy Hook Promise

Point of View - Sandy Hook Promise - Sandy Hook Promise


Title of Entry: Point of View
Brand: Sandy Hook Promise
Product/Service: Sandy Hook Promise
Client: Sandy Hook Promise
Entrant Company: BBDO New York
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Duration of Entry: 01:50
Craft Leader(s): Jess Hall
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars (Chief Creative Officer Worldwide), Greg Hahn (Chief Creative Officer New York)
Creative Director: Peter Alsante (Senior Creative Director), Bianca Guimaraes
Art Director: Marcus Johnston
Copywriter: Jim Connolly
Account Executive: Lindsey Cash/ Elizabeth Jacobs (Account Team)
Date of Release: 2018-12-10
Producer: David Rolfe (Director of Integrated Production)/ Alex Gianni (Exective Producer)/ Julia Millison (Music Producer)
Director: Rupert Sanders
Notes: The film shows a seemingly normal day in high school as various scenes follow students in the lead-up to a class election. It’s only at the end of the film, when the camera moves down to reveal a gun bag, that it becomes apparent the viewer has been looking through the eyes of a shooter for the entire film. The film finishes with the shooter entering an auditorium and opening fire. Throughout the film there are warning signs as seen through the eyes of a shooter; signs of bullying, isolation, and visual cues of gun obsession. Only by noticing the signs would you ever notice the shooter. Cinematography played a vital role in the execution of this film because it relied on the first-person POV technique to deliver the shocking twist. A combination of handheld and Steadicam was used to draw the viewer into the story, and create the POV effect throughout. For the end, where the shooter’s POV is revealed with the gun, a special Steadicam rig was built and fixed to the actor, whilst being controlled by the operator behind. Special attention was also given to the natural look of the film to make it feel as real as possible.
DOP: Jess Hall
Editing Company: Work Editorial
Editor: Ben Jordan
Sound Studio: Heard City
VFX Company: Blacksmith
Music Company: TBD/ Barking Owl Sound
Other Credits: Ben Bass (Planning Director)/ Michael Schonfeld (planner)/ Yin Chung (Group Planning Director)/ Chris Daniele (Director of Digital Analytics and Measurement Lead, Marketing Science)
Other Credits: David Zander (MJZ President)/ Kate Leahy (Executive Producer)/ Adriana Cebada Mora (Producer)
Other Credits: Trevor Myers (Assistant Editor), Jane Dilworth/ Erica Thompson (Editorial Executive Producer), Chris Delarnel (Editorial Producer)
Other Credits: Morgan Johnson (Sound Designer)/ Keith Reynaud/ Eric Warzecha (Audio Mixer), Gloria Pitagorsky (Managing Director/ Partner), Jackie James (Executive Producer), Ashley Bento (Producer)
Other Credits: Kelly Bayett (Creative Director/ Executive Producer), LIME Studio LA (ADR), Zac Fisher (Audio Engineer), Kevin McAlpine (Audio Assistant), Susie Boyajan (Executive Producer)
Other Credits: Eliza Randall (VFX Supervisor), Daniel Morris (Lead Compositor), Yebin Ahn (Compositor)
Other Credits: Studio 8 (Roto)/ QLBeans (Tracking)/ Charlotte Arnold (Executive Producer)/ Tina Chen (VFX Producer)
Other Credits: Dini Von Mueffling Communications (PR Agency)/ Dini von Mueffling (Founder & CEO)/ Stephanie Morris (Account Executive)