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Ahmend - Snickers

Ahmend - Snickers - Snickers


Title of Entry: Ahmend
Brand: Snickers
Product/Service: Snickers
Client: Mars Chocolate North America
Entrant Company: BBDO New York
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Duration of Entry: 00:30
Craft Leader(s): Scott Mahoney/ Dan Olvia
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars (Chief Creative Officer Worldwide), Greg Hahn (Chief Creative Officer New York)
Creative Director: Gianfranco Arena/ Peter Kain (Executive Creative Directors), Scott Mahoney/ Dan Oliva
Art Director: Dan Oliva
Copywriter: Scott Mahoney
Account Executive: Kirsten Flanik/ Susannah Keller/ Lisa PIliguian/ Tani Corbacho/ Aparna Joshi/ Blake Maraoui (Account Team)
Production Company: Radical Media
Date of Release: 2018-03-05
Producer: Cathy Dunn (Head of Production), Gregg Carlesimo/ Frank Scherma (Executive Producer), Carla Tate (Producer),
Director: Steve Miller
Notes: “Ahmend” was written to drive awareness and trial of SNICKERS Almond – SNICKERS biggest flavor push of 2018 – while also reinforcing SNICKERS core message that being hungry has consequences. In this case, the consequence is a man’s unexpected over-reaction to his friend’s simple mispronunciation of the word “almond.” Mispronunciations are of course harmless, but as humans, we all have pet peeves that drive us to overreact from time to time, especially when we’re hungry.
DOP: Eric Schmidt
Editing Company: Arcade
Editor: Dave Anderson
Sound Studio: Heard City (Audio Production)
Sound Engineer: Keith Reynaud
Other Credits: David Rolfe (Director of Integrated Production)/ Amy Wertheimer (Group Executive Producer)/ Anthony Curti (Executive Producer)
Other Credits: Annemarie Norris (Group Planning Director)/ Christina Stoddard (Planning Director)/ Sean Stonger (Senior Communications Planner)
Other Credits: Joseph Petruccio (Assistant Editor), Fanny Cruz (Editorial Producer)
Other Credits: Tristen Wake (Flame Artist)/ Mark Popham (Flame Assistant)
Other Credits: Company 3 (Color Company)
Other Credits: Tim Masick (Colorist)