14: CRAFT (11 Outstanding Scriptwriting (film/video))

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One for Two - Snickers

One for Two - Snickers - Snickers


Title of Entry: One for Two
Brand: Snickers
Product/Service: Snickers
Client: Mars Chocolate North America
Entrant Company: BBDO New York
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Duration of Entry: 01:10
Craft Leader(s): Scott Mahoney/ Dan Olvia
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars (Chief Creative Officer Worldwide), Greg Hahn (Chief Creative Officer New York)
Creative Director: Gianfranco Arena/ Peter Kain (Executive Creative Directors), Scott Mahoney/ Dan Oliva
Art Director: Dan Oliva
Copywriter: Scott Mahoney
Account Executive: Kirsten Flanik/ Susannah Keller/ Lisa Piliguian/ Carrie White/ Blake Maraoui/ Danee Fields (Account Team)
Production Company: JHF Productions/ World War Seven
Date of Release: 2018-08-21
Director: David Shafei
Notes: We see a concerned man, talking to camera (to the viewer on the other side of the screen). He expresses his concern for the viewer’s well being, pointing out that they just clicked the world’s worst offer—one Snickers bar for the price of two, which is double the price of a regular Snickers. He relates to the mistake, explaining that hunger affects everyone, and gives them a better offer for Snickers, so that they can get back in touch with who they really are. At this point we see a super: “YOU’RE CONFUSED WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY.” When we cut back to the guy, he offers the viewer a legitimately good, instantly redeemable deal for Snickers so that this type of mistake doesn’t happen again.
Editing Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Brendan Hogan
Sound Engineer: Sam Shaffer
Other Credits: David Rolfe (Director of Broadcast Production)/ Amy Wertheimer (Group Executive Producer)/ Anthony Curti (Executive Producer)/ James Young (Executive Producer)/ Stuart Miller (Senior Producer)
Other Credits: Annemarie Norris (Group Planning Director)/ Christina Stoddard (Planning Director)/ Brian Brydon (Communications Planning Director)/ Michael Schonfeld (Planner) / Dexter Blumenthal (Planner)
Other Credits: John Cardoso (Developer)/ Jimmy McGee (QA Manager)/ Ray McGale (Senior Production Artist)
Other Credits: Gina Pagano (Editorial Executive Producer)
Other Credits: Company 3 (Color Company)
Other Credits: Tim Masick (Colorist)
Other Credits: Jim Hayhow (Flame Artist)
Other Credits: Amy Orgel (Senior Project Manager)