14: CRAFT (14 Outstanding Special Effects (film/video))

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Space Station - Macy's

Space Station - Macy's - Macy's


Title of Entry: Space Station
Brand: Macy's
Product/Service: Macy's
Client: Macy's
Entrant Company: BBDO New York
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Duration of Entry: 02:00
Craft Leader(s): Blacksmith
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars (Chief Creative Officer Worldwide), Greg Hahn (Chief Creative Officer New York)
Creative Director: Danilo Boer/ Marcos Kotlhar (Executive Creative Director), Tom Kraemer/ Peter Alsante (Senior Creative Director), Bianca Guimaraes
Art Director: Bianca Guimaraes
Copywriter: Tom Kraemer/ Peter Alsante
Account Executive: Corey Cirillo/ Justin Perrelli/ Charlie Kunze/ Clare Driggs (Account Team)
Production Company: Epoch Films
Date of Release: 2018-11-14
Producer: Melissa Culligan (Executive Producer), Michaela Johnson (Line Producer)
Director: Martin De Thurah
Notes: In this film, we demonstrate the power of a thoughtful gift, which transcends distance to create a deeper, more meaningful connection. “Space Station” tells the story of an astronaut who couldn’t be further away from her family during the holiday season. As weeks and months pass, she goes about her monotonous duties and her only contact with her family is on a little computer monitor. But when Christmas comes, her clever daughter surprises her with an endearing gift hidden inside a cardboard doll, called Sunny, which creates a delightful snowfall in space. The snowfall looks a lot like the gift itself, which is a snow globe depicting the family. The wonder of the gift touches Mom and creates an even deeper connection between her and her daughter—visually and emotionally. In “Space Station,”, we needed to achieve a level of technical achievement and craft that made the viewer believe they were watching a story that was really taking place in space as well as on Earth. So we created a full 3D Space Station exterior, a full CGI Earth, and elements aboard the Space Station to help deliver the zero gravity in space. But we needed to do so without overshadowing what really mattered in the story—the human story.
DOP: Chayse Irvin
Editing Company: Work Editorial
Editor: Rich Orrick
Sound Studio: Sonic Union (Sound Mix Company)
VFX Company: Blacksmith
Music Company: Soundtree Music
Other Credits: Dan Blaney (Group Executive Producer)/ Katie Porter (Executive Producer)/ Julia Millison (Music Producer)
Other Credits: Yin Chung (Group Communications Planning Director)/ Liz Simons (Planning Director)
Other Credits: Theo Mercado (Assistant Editor)/ Erica Thompson (Executive Producer)/ Jamie Lynn Perritt (Senior Producer)/ Chris Delarnel (Producer)
Other Credits: Joel Hartman (Composer)/ Brian Emrich (Sound Designer)/ Steve Rosen (Sound Mixer)
Other Credits: Luis Almau (Head of Music Production)/ Jay James (Producer)
Other Credits: Daniel Morris (VFX Supervisor/ Lead Compositor), Iwan Zwarts/ Olivier Varteressian (VFX Supervisors)
Other Credits: Charlotte Arnold (Executive Producer)/ Bindy St Leger (Producer)
Other Credits: Robert Bruce/ Tim Reagan/ Nick Tanner/ Jacob Slutsky/ Yebin Ahn (Compositor)
Other Credits: Tuna Unalan/ Michael Marsek/ Casey Reuter/ Vitaliy Burov (CG Artist)
Other Credits: Sue Jang (Matte Painting)