14: CRAFT (20 Craft Campaign (any media))

AT&T Cinema - AT&T - AT&T JPG
AT&T Cinema - AT&T - AT&T MOV 1m:30s
AT&T Cinema - AT&T - AT&T MOV 1m:30s
AT&T Cinema - AT&T - AT&T MP4 1m:35s
AT&T Cinema - AT&T - AT&T MP4 1m:30s

AT&T Cinema - AT&T

AT&T Cinema - AT&T - AT&T


Title of Entry: AT&T Cinema
Brand: AT&T
Product/Service: AT&T
Client: AT&T
Entrant Company: BBDO New York
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Craft Leader(s): Joost van Gelder (Train)/ Adam Arkapaw (The Shot)/ Tom Townend (Bus/ Surprise)
Title of Piece: Train
Title of Piece: The Shot
Title of Piece: Surprise
Title of Piece: Bus
Date of Release: 2018-06-08
Notes: Craft: Cinematography We created genre-bending films that seamlessly transition genres in the middle of the film. So just as audiences were immersed in a nostalgic sports drama, we pulled the rug on them and transitioned the film to an dark sci-fi film. This technique allowed us to highlight the massive breadth of content AT&T has to offer, while keeping critical movie lovers on their toes.