14: CRAFT (10 Outstanding Cinematography)

Foodporn - Kondomeriet - Kondomeriet JPG
Foodporn - Kondomeriet - Kondomeriet MOV 40s

Foodporn - Kondomeriet

Foodporn - Kondomeriet - Kondomeriet


Title of Entry: Foodporn
Brand: Kondomeriet
Product/Service: Kondomeriet
Client: Kondomeriet
Entrant Company: POL
Creative Agency: POL
Duration of Entry: 00:40
Craft Leader(s): Thea Emanuelsen, Anders Arnoldsen Holm, Henrik J. Henriksen
Art Director: Thea Emanuelsen
Copywriter: Arnoldsen Holm
Account Executive: Lina Aas-Eng
Account Manager: Elle-Beth Lønnestad
Production Company: Flambert
Date of Release: 2019-01-24
Producer: Eva Silseth
Director: Henrik J. Henriksen
Notes: Because of Norwegian media legislation, Norwegian adult store Kondomeriet isn't allowed to advertise most of its products, and most of its advertising is only allowed aired on late night TV. This also means that Kondomeriet is not allowed to advertise or promote posts on networks like Facebook, Google and Youtube. So we had to rely on the audience get the message out… Using "innocent" metaphors, we created a film that could be aired on TV, launching the campaign nationally. At the day of the launch we made the film available online for the audience to download and spread on their own accord, thus surpassing the censorship online. Within a few days of the launch the campaign started spreading organic on most social platforms. Within a week the film had started to spread internationally. News media soon picked up on the anniversary. In just a couple of weeks the film reached over 70 million views online, with an online media budget of 0$.
DOP: Jens Ramborg
Editor: Pål Rui
Sound Engineer: Marius Brovold
Post Production Company: The Mill
Other Credits: Food Stylist - Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal
Other Credits: Designer - Pia Lystad
Other Credits: Online - Terje Boje