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The E.V.A. Initiative - Volvo Cars
Volvo Cars

The E.V.A. Initiative - Volvo Cars - Volvo Cars


Title of Entry: The E.V.A. Initiative
Brand: Volvo Cars
Product/Service: Volvo Cars
Client: Volvo Cars
Entrant Company: Forsman & Bodenfors
Creative Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Creative Director: Forsman & Bodenfors
Art Director: Karl Risenfors, Leo Dahl, Adam Ulvegärde, Sophia Lindholm
Copywriter: Hampus Elfström, Simon Lublin, Jacob Nelson
Account Executive: Magnus Wretblad
Account Manager: Katarina Klofsten, Ewa Edlund
Date of Release: 2019-03-20
Notes: Most cars are designed for the average-sized man, and mainly tested on male crash test dummies. As a result, women are less safe and more likely to get injured in a car crash. In fact, they are 71% more likely to be injured and 17% more likely to die. But not when it comes to Volvo. They have gathered real-world data since the 1970s to learn what happens during a collision — regardless of size or gender. This has made Volvo cars equally safe for all people. With the E.V.A. Initiative, we wanted to highlight this issue and offer all competitors to download Volvo’s data. The objective was not only to address the issue, but to close the gender crash gap. To make the data more human, we gave the facts a face and showed how it affects women in a personal and direct way.
Other Credits: Agency Producer: Lena Sellman
Other Credits: PR: Maja Bredberg, Bjarne Darwall
Other Credits: Planner: Trine Keller-Andreasen, Daniel Sjöstrand
Other Credits: Web Strategist: Peter Gaudiano
Other Credits: Artwork: Martin Joelsson, Ingrid Arnsand Jonsson
Other Credits: Client: Per Carleö, Susanne Åberg Inghammar, Holger Pegelow