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The Sleep Fairy - Emma
Emma Original Mattress

The Sleep Fairy - Emma - Emma Original Mattress


Title of Entry: The Sleep Fairy
Brand: Emma
Product/Service: Emma Original Mattress
Client: Emma Matratzen GmbH
Entrant Company: MOTOR Kommunikation GmbH
Creative Agency: MOTOR Kommunikation GmbH
Duration of Entry: 01:55
Chief Creative Officer: Frederik Hofmann
Creative Director: Frederik Hofmann
Art Director: Maarten Dijk
Copywriter: Thomas Rendel
Account Executive: Volker Jensen
Account Manager: Volker Jensen
Production Company: Tempomedia Berlin
Date of Release: 2019-01-04
Producer: Uli Jason Ulbrich, Timm Reinfarth
Director: Nalle Sjoblad
Notes: In the confusing market for online mattresses, we wanted to stand out with "Emma" and provide orientation because products, promises and appearances of all competitors are almost identical and therefore indistinguishable. So it needed a real expert in terms of good sleep: Let us introduce you to Frank, professional sleeping fairy. A real professional. How "Emma" first changed his job and then his life, is best told first-hand.
DOP: Mikael Gustafsson
Editing Company: Tempomedia Berlin
Editor: Daniel Kundrat
Sound Studio: nhb Berlin
Music Company: Supreme Music Berlin