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Jägermeister "Goldbae Edition" - Jägermeister



Title of Entry: Jägermeister "Goldbae Edition"
Brand: Jägermeister
Product/Service: Jägermeister
Client: Mast Jägermeister Germany GmbH
Entrant Company: la red GmbH
Creative Agency: la red GmbH
Judging URL: https://youtu.be/nPMl0qQnQso
Chief Creative Officer: Matthias Maurer
Account Executive: Sven Springer
Account Manager: Gregor Meyer
Date of Release: 2019-01-08
Creative Director: Jan Hellberg, Jared Leistner
Notes: In December 2018, Jägermeister relaunched its online store. The challenge was to create buzz around the new pages and lead the community towards the virtual shelves. Normally, we would have invested some time in order to come up with the perfect strategy… but things moved faster than that. Out of the blue, the scandal around Franck Ribery and his golden steak went viral – a perfect opportunity for those who can think on their feet. So we came up with a golden response, literally overnight. We decided to put a memorable spin on the buzz around the Rib-Eye. In a spontaneous Facebook and Instagram post, we announced what many took to be a hoax at first: the Jägermeister Goldbae Edition. The fans went crazy for the post – but nobody expected what happened next: We actually delivered. We knew we needed to drop a real-time response to the Goldbae buzz that our fans would love, but we also wanted to turn the resulting attention into something more – a real, tangible product that would draw attention to our online store. So we took it one step further than other brands: We not only came up with the perfect real-time response on social media, but we actually found a goldsmith willing to indulge us on very short notice and turn our idea into reality. 56 bottles were coated in 24 carat gold, announced with a bang in another post and displayed in the online store at 560,56 EUR a piece. All in a matter of hours – a stunt only made possible by a unique agency-client relationship. 90 Minutes later, the entire edition was sold out – a turnover of 32.000 EUR in one and a half hours! The bottles went for up to 3000 Euros in reseller prices and the shop saw 74.000 visitors within 24 hours – six times as many as usual. What remains is 56 bottles for eternity and an online shop that our fans know and love.
Art Director: Nicolas Molés, Isabella Ducrest
Copywriter: Sinan Sinanoglu
Other Credits: Head of Brand Management Germany: Timo Weber
Other Credits: Teamlead eCommerce: Dominik Müller
Other Credits: Teamlead Digital Marketing: Christoph Lange
Other Credits: Junior Digital Marketing Manager: Kai Seidel
Other Credits: Media Planner: Tony Pfeifruck
Other Credits: Media Planner: Pauline Schäfer