14: CRAFT (18 Music (original & licensed))

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The Purse - Guinness

The Purse - Guinness - Guinness


Title of Entry: The Purse
Brand: Guinness
Product/Service: Guinness
Client: Guinness
Entrant Company: Radford Music
Creative Agency: AMV BBDO
Duration of Entry: 01:30
Craft Leader(s): James Radford
Chief Creative Officer: Tim Riley
Creative Director: Nicholas Hulley, Nadja Lossgott
Account Manager: Nick Andrew, Luke Hickey, Flynn Leslie
Production Company: Stink
Date of Release: 2019-02-01
Producer: Nick Godden, Frankie Burwell-Wright
Director: Tom Green
Notes: James Radford (Radford Music) was briefed by AMV BBDO to find the perfect music track for the first Guinness Six Nations Rugby Commercial. The film tells the heartwarming true story of two brothers who honour their late mothers wish to spend every penny of their inheritance on the Six Nations Rugby. The music track needed to capture the upbeat spirit and fun of the Six Nations and the infectious, quirky characters of the brothers and their journey. The Tornados 'Jungle Fever' fitted this brief perfectly. It was the B-Side to 'Telstar' and the first British band to reach No.1 in the US in 1962. We listened to a lot of current instrumental music tracks as part of the music search for this film. However nothing modern seemed to fit the visuals and the agency and client were keen to find a music track that had a charm and warmth to it that seemed to be lacking in a lot of the more current and modern music tracks. Guinness as a client have always been keen to find music that stands out, is unusual and full of character. The Tornados have a timeless charm and enduring quality to their music which was perfect for this film. The music brief was to find a quirky, unusual and memorable existing music track to capture the upbeat spirit and fun of the Six Nations Rugby tournament and also to reflect the infectious characters of the two brothers and their unique journey. The music had to have energy and drive but also be uplifting and lighthearted. In addition to the main music track the brief was also to find a piece of Welsh choral music for the intro funeral scenes as well as a track for the main body of the commercial.
Editing Company: Whitehouse
Editor: Russell Icke
Sound Studio: Wave
Sound Engineer: Parv Thind
Music Company: Radford Music
Post Production Company: The Mill