The Non Violence Torrent - Charity organisation for preventing deadly violence - Non-Violence Project JPG

The Non Violence Torrent - Non-Violence Project
Charity organisation for preventing deadly violence

The Non Violence Torrent - Non-Violence Project - Charity organisation for preventing deadly violence


Title of Entry: The Non Violence Torrent
Brand: Non-Violence Project
Product/Service: Charity organisation for preventing deadly violence
Client: Non-Violence Project - Zena Fialdini
Entrant Company: Animal
Creative Agency: Animal
Judging URL: https://vimeo.com/314435907
Chief Creative Officer: Erik Lindqvist
Account Manager: Olivia Ahlqvist
Date of Release: 2019-01-31
Notes: Through torrent sites, 3D-printed guns are on the rise across the world. No wonder, they’re cheap, accessible, untraceable and near impossible to regulate. The Non-Violence Torrent aims to raise awareness around the emerging issue of 3D-printed guns by flooding popular file-sharing sites with fake gun torrents. Our torrents contain a 3D render of the Non-Violence's symbol – the knotted gun. Within 24 hours, the project was broadcasted in Sweden's largest news outlets and was featured on some of the most influential sites in the global pro-gun community, exposing the other side to the message. In Sweden, most people know and sympathize with The Non-Violence Project’s cause, but the absence from media and a lack of communication was interpreted as a diminishing need for their work. To convince millennial Swedes to support and engage with our cause—ultimately revitalizing the brand—we needed them to realize that deadly violence was still an issue, and one that could have devastating effects anywhere, any time. Thus our campaign never had the goal to stop the existence of gun torrents. Instead, we focused on trying to nudge an audience of curious kids and meet them with a peaceful message.
Digital Producer: Beatrice Helin
Digital Strategist: Filip Biel
Designer: Felix Sarwe Granqvist
Production Company: Con Leche Films
Art Director: Herman Vieweg
Copywriter: Gustav Lindberg
Other Credits: Madeleine Hollsten, Head of Production
Other Credits: Nermin Ali, PR-Specialist
Other Credits: Sofie Gustafsson, PR Account Director
Other Credits: Andreas Wannerstedt, 3D-Artist
Other Credits: Isak Lindberg, Film Director
Other Credits: Viktor Skogqvist, DOP
Other Credits: Jesper Wahlqvist, 1-AC
Other Credits: Fredrik Wannerstedt, Photographer
Other Credits: Joel Nyberg, Sound Design
Other Credits: Jacob Sempler, Creative