OLD MILK - Grocery Store - Coop JPG
OLD MILK - Grocery Store - Coop JPG
OLD MILK - Grocery Store - Coop JPG
OLD MILK - Grocery Store - Coop MP4 1m:53s

Grocery Store

OLD MILK - Coop - Grocery Store


Title of Entry: OLD MILK
Brand: Coop
Product/Service: Grocery Store
Client: Coop
Entrant Company: Edelman
Creative Agency: Edelman
Duration of Entry: 01:53
Chief Creative Officer: Mattias Ronge , Stefan Ronge
Creative Director: Rasmus Keger
Art Director: Simon Kraft, Sebastian Brännén
Copywriter: Anna Werkell
Account Manager: Sofia Borgblad (Coop)
Production Company: Edelman
Date of Release: 2018-09-18
Director: Joachim Ewert Barrén
Notes: Please watch the case study film included with the submission.
Editing Company: Edelman
Other Credits: Senior Media Supervisor: Sofie Segerborg
Other Credits: Senior Content Strategist: Jonas Axblom
Other Credits: Marketing Director: Björn Larsson (Coop) & Marketing Manager: Marie Wedin (Coop)
Other Credits: Communication Director: Anna Rasin (Coop)
Other Credits: Head of Press and External Communication: Tobias Rydergren (Coop)
Other Credits: Press Secretary: Ann Persson (Coop)
Other Credits: Sustainability Strategist: Anneli Bylund (Coop)
Other Credits: Head of Digital Editorial Office: Annika Ulfvin (Coop)
Other Credits: Content Manager: Elsa Andersson (Coop)
Other Credits: Web Editor: Hanna de Ron (Coop)