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Against brown bottles - Beck's

Against brown bottles - Beck's - Beck's


Title of Entry: Against brown bottles
Brand: Beck's
Product/Service: Beck's
Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev Germany Holding GmbH
Judging URL: http://thisisforthejury.com/brauneflaschen_en
Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Account Executive: Thomas Heyen, Markus Kremer, Florian Klietz, Kristian von Elm, Lars Holling
Account Manager: Sabrina Schwartz, Mariah Kattmann,
Date of Release: 2018-08-29
Creative Director: Ronnie Patt
Notes: Summer 2018: While Beck’s calls to a design contest on its bottles, media spreads a disturbing photo from Eastern Germany, of right-wing protests turning violent. Unmistakable, in the middle of the photo: a Beck’s promo bottle. We wanted to make sure that Beck’s never gets into the wrong hands again. That’s why we answered only two hours after the photo made the news, with the pre-release of a design entry. The label has an unmistakable double-meaning. Literally translated, it’s “Against brown bottles”. But in Germany, “brown” is a synonym for right-extremists and “bottle” for idiot. A political statement that eventually reads: “Against right-wing idiots”. Our post made the right-wing party and others boycott Beck’s but expressed what all of Germany felt. The label generated more than 505.000 interactions and became reality – in form of more than 2,5 million bottles that were sold out in no time all over Germany.
Designer: Dennis Fritz, Sebastien Stabenau
Production Company: Element E
Art Director: Sudarshan Waghmare, Sine Hansen, Philipp Trübiger
Copywriter: Jan-Erik Scheibner, Melis Adigüzel, Joy Chakravorty
Other Credits: Nils-Christian Sperling, Final Art Specialist
Other Credits: Jeffrey Lisk, Director
Other Credits: Bernd Possardt, Director
Other Credits: Chris McKissick, D.O.P.
Other Credits: Patrick Volm-Dettenbach, Head of Production
Other Credits: Sebastian Schröer, Producer
Other Credits: Bernd T. Hoefflin, Produzent
Other Credits: Christoph Köhler, Managing Director
Other Credits: Madeliene Pfisterer, Production Assistant