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LIDL "Kids Gone" - LIDL
LIDL Food und Non-Food Produkte
Weihnachtskampagne 2018



Title of Entry: LIDL "Kids Gone"
Brand: LIDL
Product/Service: LIDL Food und Non-Food Produkte
Weihnachtskampagne 2018

Client: LIDL International

Entrant Company: Ueberground GmbH
Creative Agency: Ueberground GmbH
Duration of Entry: 02:00
Chief Creative Officer: Jo Marie Farwick, Anna Pramila Meissner

Creative Director: Jo Marie Farwick, Anna Pramila Meissner

Art Director: Florian Wiesener, Dzhulyetta Kretsu
Copywriter: Jo Marie Farwick, Anna Meissner
Account Executive: Martin Alles

Account Manager: Maciej Magdziarz, Sascha Schneeweiß, Sabrina Bauer

Production Company: EASYdoesit GmbH
Date of Release: 2018-11-01
Producer: Sebastian von Gumpert, Gregor Moellers
Director: James Lees
Notes: A Christmas campaign. An international one. With a theme that moves people. Ideally to take a long, hard look at themselves. For Lidl.  It should, of course, be the first to stand out from the crowd in the international Christmas campaign market. To be different. To take a stand. And then, of course, make sure people serve Lidl products this Christmas. This requires a large campaign platform and an intelligent, modular campaign system. We listen to what children want. Sounds trivial. But if you consider it for what it is, it’s oh so relevant! On the one hand, they are the ones who struggle to cope in an increasingly aggressive world. Wishing for peace, reconciliation, love – and desperately needing them. And Lidl reaches out to them, by creating awareness of this wish with a grand film. On the other hand, in its shops Lidl offers everything a child’s heart desires. And it’s affordable for most families.
A modern fairy tale with a deep, emotional core, this epic film explores the tension, anger and stress that are tearing our society apart – and the impact this is having on our future, the next generations. It is these future generations, the children, who play the central and key role in the film. Disappointed and dissatisfied with the less than impressive example of adults in their world, the children set out to discover the true meaning of Christmas, teaching adults and all of us a valuable lesson. The clear message at the end of the mini film, which is shown in 19 Lidl countries: “Dear adults, don’t screw it up!”

DOP: John Lynch
Editing Company: Ueberground GmbH, EASYdoesit GmbH
Editor: Ueberground GmbH, EASYdoesit GmbH
Sound Studio: Loft Tonstudios GmbH Berlin/Hamburg

Sound Engineer: Jan Dejozé
, Frank Wiedmann, Benjamin Schäfer

VFX Company: Loft Tonstudios GmbH
, Greg Mckneally, Mathew Elin
Music Company: Ueberground GmbH und 2WEI Music
Post Production Company: MPC
Casting: Ueberground GmbH, EASYdoesit GmbH
Other Credits: Heike Vollmeier, Project Manager