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Bip News - BiP - BiP


Title of Entry: Bip News
Brand: BiP
Product/Service: BiP
Client: Turkcell
Entrant Company: Rafineri
Creative Agency: Rafineri
Creative Director: Ali Sener
Art Director: Koray Doyran, Aytac Sahin, Sinan Kutluay
Copywriter: Gokhan Ozdemir, Eray Cankır, Taygun Tasci, Sezer Cankeles
Chief Creative Officer: Emre Kaplan
Account Executive: Sırma Er, Edvina Gulzari, Yasemin Kulein, Beril Girbalar
Account Manager: Ekin Kutevu
Date of Release: 2018-08-01
Illustrator: Faruk Terzi
Notes: Turkcell's mobile application BiP is a worldwide communication platform. You can send texts, photos, videos and share locations over the internet. There are also channels in the application that you can follow. BiP News is one of them. Purpose of this work was to show how reliable and convenient the news channel in the BiP application is. The convenience of the news depended on resource of the channel, ‘Anadolu Ajansı’ whom is the state news agency. Having this valuable and first hand resource made BiP News Channel fast and accurate. So it was like news that was written by the people who were the actors of that piece. To tell that idea more effectively we used real images of Putin in which he was using his phone in a public place. Then we completed our message with the following sentence; “First hand world news on your mobile”