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“Never Still” by RIMOWA - RIMOWA
Premium Luggage

“Never Still” by RIMOWA - RIMOWA - Premium Luggage


Title of Entry: “Never Still” by RIMOWA
Product/Service: Premium Luggage
Client: RIMOWA
Entrant Company: RIMOWA
Creative Agency: Anomaly
Duration of Entry: 01:00
Chief Creative Officer: Hector Muelas, RIMOWA; Frank Hahn, Anomaly
Creative Director: Sebastian Lyman, Anomaly; Nikolaus Ronacher, Anomaly; Paulo Martins, Anomaly
Art Director: Mayara Schmidt, Anomaly; Jan Volpp, Anomaly
Copywriter: Nicole Rodriguez Woods, RIMOWA; Sebastian Lyman, Anomaly
Account Manager: Tania Delamotte, Anomaly; Julia Saumande, Anomaly; Lisa Zhang, Anomaly
Production Company: BWGTBLD Berlin / ICONOCLAST Germany
Date of Release: 2018-09-07
Producer: Stefan Bader, Anomaly; Agostino de Martino, Anomaly
Director: Dexter Navy (BWGTBLD Berlin, Virgil), Jared Knecht (BWGTBLD Berlin, Nobu), Karim Huu Do (BWGTBLD Berlin, Roger), Jonas Lindstroem (ICONOCLAST Germany, Adwoa), I AM HERE (ICONOCLAST Germany, Yoon)
Notes: To mark our 120th anniversary, RIMOWA created a global brand campaign that draws on our rich history of making timeless suitcases for purposeful travelers. The message is simple but powerful – that “no one builds a legacy by standing still.” RIMOWA leveraged the brand’s strongest equity, its community, selecting a group of cultural icons whose lifelong journeys are ones of ambition, determination, and resilience. Tennis legend Roger Federer, Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director & Off-White Founder Virgil Abloh, model and activist Adwoa Aboah, global restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa and Dior Men’s Jewelry Designer & AMBUSH Founder Yoon Ahn, are all long-time RIMOWA owners who share the same mindset despite having diverse backgrounds. Shot on 3 continents by 5 different directors, each icon created an emotional and visually distinct expression of their unique journey in the form of 5 individual icon films and 1 overarching anthem film that weaves the stories together.
DOP: Stuart Winecoff (BWGTBLD Berlin, Virgil), Kristof Brandl (BWGTBLD Berlin, Nobu), Nicolas Karakatsanis (BWGTBLD Berlin, Roger), Rina Yang (ICONOCLAST Germany, Adwoa), Paul Özgür (ICONOCLAST Germany, Yoon)
Editor: Christian Zimmermann
VFX Company: NHB Post Production Berlin
Post Production Company: NHB Post Production Berlin
Casting: Virgil Abloh, Nobu Matsuhisa, Roger Federer, Adwoa Aboah, Yoon Ahn
Other Credits: Jenny Huang, Head of Global Marketing, RIMOWA