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#flutwein - our worst vintage - #flutwein
Wines from the flooded wineregion "Ahr"

#flutwein - our worst vintage - #flutwein - Wines from the flooded wineregion


Title of Entry: #flutwein - our worst vintage
Brand: #flutwein
Product/Service: Wines from the flooded wineregion "Ahr"
Client: Ahr - A wineregion needs Help for Rebuilding e.V.
Entrant Company: Seven.One AdFactory / Creative House + White Rabbit Budapest
Creative Team: Managing Director / Creative Director: Tom Schwarz

Director Strategy, Content & Creation / Creative Director / Copywriter: Daniel Koller

Creative Director / Copywriter: Friedrich-Paul Spielhagen

Creative Director: Istvan Bracsok

Creative Director: Levente Kovacs

Strategic Planner: Stephan Fischer

Strategic Planner: Matthias Buratti

Art Director: Janine Koller

Art Director: Jörg Petzold

Digital Creative Director: Jürgen Metzner

Webdesign: Elisabeth Thirmeyer

Webdesign: Johanna Krünes

Film - Producer & Postproduction: Tim Freiwald

Film - Producer & DOP: Ludwig Groß

Film - Producer: Stephan Beyschlag

Film - Director: Leo Gammler

Film - Postproduction: Bastian Felix Bormann

DOP / Photography: Franziska Freiwald
Submission Text: BRIEF:

Ahr Valley is one of the most distinguished red wine-growing region in Germany, called the "red wine paradise". Due to catastrophic floods this region experienced a „living hell" in the summer of 2021. More than a month's rainfall within 24 hours devastated much of western Germany, and Ahr Valley suffered the hardest hit: homes, businesses, bridges, roads, entire communities were swept away. More than 46 wineries of the region lost their facilities, cellars, wine barrels, machinery and hectares of vineyards.

Our aim was to raise awareness of this economic devastation of the region, and draw attention to the financial disaster that wine-makers of Ahr Valley were facing.


Despite the loss of the wine-makers, some 200.000 bottles of wine – soiled with mud and dirt – survived the disaster. The bottles looked impossible to sell. We created a special collection of wines from scratch, branded them as „Flood Wines”. Since they were coated in the original mud, we labelled them „authentically muddied”, and started selling them on a crowd-funding platform, dedicated to the rebuilding of the wine region.
Every bottle symbolized the tragic fate of those wine-makers who were involved in the catastrophe. This platform allowed us to get in touch with those who were interested in wines and wanted to help. The sheer authenticity and „natural beauty” of the bottles covered in mud also attracted those who are open to innovative design solutions.


The campaign had a massive impact on raising awareness about the flood catastrophe of the region, and it promoted solidarity and brought help not just for the wine-growers, but for the whole Ahr Valley as well.

During the 3 months of the campaign we established "Flood Wine" as a unique brand. Nearly 50,000 people bought our 200,000 "mud coated", individual bottles that survived the flood. We had more than 1 billion media impressions, the value of the wine rose by 4500%, and managed to collect more than 4,4 million Euros – that makes „Flood Wine” the most successful crowd-funding campaign of Germany. 
Other Credits: Sr. Manager Strategy & Creation: Rebecca Marek

Manager Strategy & Creation: Ann-Kathrin Hackl

Influencer Management: Marie-Jeanette Honrath

PR Executive & Project Lead: Daniel Koller

Director Digital & Creative OOH: Jonas Kofahl-Kraatz

Director Digital & Creative OOH: Jicky von Bechtolsheim

Media Consultant: Sophie Smikalla

Media Consultant: Denis Bartelt

Media Consultant: Valentin Oswald

Client - Chairman and Managing Director: Peter Kriechel

Client - CoFounder #flutwein: Linda Kleber

Client - Chairman: Marc Adeneuer

IT & Tech Consultant: Benjamin Koller

Fullfillment, Shipping & Customer Support: Julian Schneider

Fullfillment, Shipping & Customer Support: Hendrik Gunkel
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