Archival Results 2015

Watch the 23rd Annual winners showcase here:

Cresta Awards recognize creativity in the absolute as opposed to the use of a "best of" system applied across a long, and often artificial list of categories and cover TWELVE major competitions: TV/Cinema/Online Film, Integrated Campaigns, Press, Outdoor, Design, Promotions & Incentives, Branded Entertainment, Ambient Media, Direct Marketing, Radio, Crafts and Interactive advertising. A Grand Prix is awarded to the highest scoring entries that achieve a pre-determined standard (above a ‘set’ score).

The entries were judged on the basis of two criteria only: the originality of the idea; and the quality of its execution. From the 52 countries participating in this year's awards, 30 achieved finalists status. A total of 264 finalists were chosen by approximately 100 plus creatives.

The pre-selection juries for all competition except for Interactive were held in 8 cities - Antwerp, Bangkok, Boston, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Helsinki, Montreal and Stockholm. The separate pre-selection Interactive Jury was conducted with 19 jury members hailing from 9 countries.

All finalists were evaluated in early August through early September by Cresta's International Grand Jury of 86 internationally known creative directors, film specialists, graphic artists and interactive professionals. Presiding over the Grand Jury was Ami Hasan, Chairman, Perfect Fools and hasan & partners, Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam. "Another year and another crop of best of the best in advertising, The Cresta Winners List. A total of 81 pieces of work, out of which 8 are worthy a Grand Prix. Time for winners to celebrate! Cresta judging system is unique in its objectivity. These awards were voted by a huge jury of 86 top notch creative directors from 44 different countries. We voted from a distance and never physically gathered, so there was no way anybody could influence other jurors and their voting. No advertising awards winners list is ever the absolute truth, but I don’t think you can get much closer than this. And I say that even if my personal favourites were not among the Grand Prix winners. This is how we as a jury voted," said Mr. Hasan.

The 23rd annual winners showcase was released in the form of a micro-site designed for tablets and smart phones via All winning entries (81 winners from 15 countries) include film clips and still images along with full credits.

Agency of the Year for the third year in a row was awarded to Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden with 56 total points. BBDO was crowned Network of the Year with 88 total points representing 7 offices.